About the Blogger Manifesto

Some of you are probably coming to this site and thinking – WHAT in the hell is this? Well to be honest, I don’t know what it is going to become yet, but I know that it means something to me. I think it will help to give you a little bit of the back story.

I am part of #TeamCachicha, the group of individuals behind www.cachicha.com. In September 2012, one of our YouTube channels was shut down for false copyright claims by a local musician. I am not going to re-hash the whole story, but you can find it on Cachicha if you are interested.

When we published that article, we published it because it was our only recourse. We had contacted the musician via YouTube, they weren’t releasing their claims. We had contacted YouTube, they were believing their ‘partner musician’ over us, because we had no copyright claims either (we weren’t trying to claim copyright we were just trying to exercise our rights to fair use, which we could not because of a false claimant).

We literally were stuck with nothing we could do. We had lost over 3,000 videos that we had published over two years, and had over 6 million views and 1,800 subscribers. Tons of work destroyed, by a lie. I can’t tell you how the team was devastated. The entire office was in such a state of shock and depression, we just didn’t know what to do. All of those hours of work, down the drain. I am still at a loss for words to express how we felt in that day. I know one of us started screaming and cussing on twitter, another one of us left and disappeared the entire day to calm down, another one of us just accepted defeat and stopped producing videos for the day.

I remember I looked at them all and thought, all their hard work. While yeah, I worked for the team, I only did website design and development, as well as server administration and code. These guys worked in shifts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I got pissed. So I wrote the article, in my native English tongue, and I sent it off to someone to help with the translation. While I think I write Spanish pretty well, I definitely do not write as well as I speak, and sometimes people have a hard time understanding me, for this article I didn’t want any confusion.

I got the article back, tweaked it a bit for ‘Dominican Tongue’ and posted it on the website. It went viral, immediately. In less than 5 hours the article was re-published in over 100 different blogs and websites, became a trending topic on Twitter with over 2 million tweets, two Twitter hashtags were started #NoToxiCrow and #BloguerosConCachicha, a Dominican Blogger (still don’t know which) even created a logo image stating: Dile No A Toxic Crow: Blogueros En Apoyo A Cachicha that began to be used across blogs throughout the Dominican Republic. Radio and TV Hosts picked up the article and began calling us asking for statements, the whole situation was surreal.

The entire team was back in the office and responding to Tweets, Emails, Facebook messages, blog comments, and we realized that all our work mattered. It wasn’t just about us. The takedown of our YouTube account was not only going to affect us, it was going to affect the hundreds of thousands of visitors we receive each month to our website and social media profiles. Other people came forward, other bloggers, who had their YouTube accounts shut down, or who were on the brink of being shut down, for the very same claims by the very same musician.

Within a week, the musician reached out to us, released his false claims, had our YouTube account reinstated and now everything is back to normal again. But I can’t forget.

I can’t forget that our rights were violated. I can’t forget that the rights of other Dominican Bloggers were violated. I can’t forget out how hundreds of thousands of people reached out to not only support us but stand with us. I can’t forget that email that I received from a blogger that said “Thank you. I had this happen to me last year, but I am so small nobody paid any attention to me. Thank you for standing up and helping stop this abuse, I am now on my third YouTube channel because of that guy.” I can’t forget that we are a community.

And in order to not forget, I wrote a Manifesto, that I call the Dominican Blogger Manifesto. And then I created this website. It’s a pretty simple website. It shows the manifesto in both English and Spanish, it lets you read it, commit to it, and upload your website or blog logo, name, URL and add comments – whether it be your own manifesto or just your thoughts on mine. It also lets you grab code for an image to put on your page in order to support this site. It doesn’t do anything else. It doesn’t make money or post news. The only thing it is meant to do is remember the unity that happened on September 13, 2012, support it, and encourage others to do the same!

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