It is your LIFE and your VOICE. Write, post, tweet and share, and do it often. Edit, collaborate, socialize and SUPPORT others. Have FUN, promote, love and LAUGH. Carry the WORD, VIDEO, SONG or IMAGE and carry it far. Smile, joke, dance, sing and do it TOGETHER. Be YOU. Believe in the collaboration and sharing across all forms of media BIG and SMALL. Don’t lie, steal, cheat or be unfair. Work together and support UNITY. Have pride in your work and love TECHNOLOGY. LIVE for today, have FREEDOM of speech, and take a stand against CENSORSHIP. Be a LEADER and build a COMMUNITY. Write for them, write for you, write for the people that make us PROUD. Remember that YOU have a VOICE and NOBODY can take that away. Be Inspired. Be Real. Be YOU. Support the Blogger Manifesto by staying TRUE.
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La Canela City
Joined Date: Jul 20, 2014
La Pagina Oficial del Distrito La Canela
URL: http://www.soloespectacu...
Joined Date: Dec 07, 2016
Noticias del mundo del entretenimiento. Pagina realizada desde Buenos Aires Argentina.Read More...
nativa fm 103.5
Joined Date: Apr 12, 2014 web es una estación creada para tu entretenimiento las 24 horas en frecuencias online con la mejor Programación Tropical TransmitimRead More...

URL: http://www.elbacharengue...
Joined Date: Sep 16, 2013
Emisora Online De bACHATA MERENGUE Y MAS
Joined Date: Jan 04, 2014 es una pagina web en donde los usuarios pueden publicar y compartir imagenes divertidas y sorprendentes. En resumen es una pagRead More...
Joined Date: Jun 08, 2014
esperando que esta pagina sea de su agrado!!!!!!!!!